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Trade Transaction and Recommendation

Trade transaction looks like this:

Trade transaction

What does this information mean to us?

  • First, date and time of transaction and name of the futures contract (sugar);
  • Second, type of transaction. Sell is a sale of one futures contract (in this transaction it is one contract for sugar);
  • Third, selling price for one futures contract;
  • Fourth, "Profit" indicates that the transaction was profitable and we made 126 cents on it which made our profit of $1,411.20.

How this transaction would look like on stock exchange chart:

Trade chart

It is important to remember that this transaction has brought us a profit of $1,411.20, which with $10.000 deposit would make a 14.11% profit per month! I think this is a good idea!

They way a trading recommendation (signal) looked:

Trade recommendation

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